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ShanXiZhongJuJingKe Semiconductor Co., Ltd

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About Us
Shanxi Zhongju Jingke Semiconductor Co Ltd Zhongju was established on March 18 2016 the registered capital is 100 million Yuan and the registered address is No 2 Machinery Park Jinzhong City Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone Shanxi Province with a land area of about 14 acres Zhongju is a high tech enterprise mainly engaged in research production and sales of high quality sapphire crystal products It consists of a comprehensive office finance department production department single crystal production department crystal processing department transportation and insurance department maintenance department and other functional departments Its business scope includes research and...

Categories and Products

Sapphire Ingot

Sapphire Crystal Rod

Sapphire Substrate

Sapphire Window

Customizable Size Sapphire Crystal

Products Keywords
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